Sketchbook 4

In continuation of previous posts about Harald Siepermann’s sketchbook illustrations, below are more sketches from his 1984 sketchbook. Harald Siepermann was 21/22 years old and still a student Graphic Design at the Folkwang University in Essen, Germany.

“I was really, really having fun doing these, I was drawing constantly, on the train, in front of the TV, having breakfast,” commented Harald Siepermann in 2006 about these sketches. “It was like a newly discovered playground. Unlike today I was drawing not for money, just for fun. This was about the time that I discovered, how much fun it was to go really wild and over the top, and that I would get away with doing roughs instead of clean, finished paintings and at the same time I was accomplishing a certain security about the whole process, not least through peoples positive reactions on things that I had kept for myself until then.”


“All these thing were done without thinking, just letting it flow,” Siepermann commented, “improvising, like a pianist would improvise at a piano, that was the fun about it and the great relief, I was finally among people who could read a drawing and see its potential, didn’t have to do clean-ups anymore, to make an impression.”

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