The Harald Siepermann Archive

During his life Harald Siepermann created more van 10.000 illustrations for various projects. The illustrations are managed and archived by the Harald Siepermann Archive. We’re constantly working on cleaning and digitalizing the artwork. The goal of the Harald Siepermann Archive is to manage and preserve the artwork and to share it with the public through this website and to give aspiring character designers an insight of Harald Siepermann’s work.

The physical and digital archive is currently not accessible for the public, but we are aiming to create exhibitions in the future so we can share the wonderful artwork of Harald Siepermann with the world.

For more information about the archive, please contact us at

Sketch of Alfred J. Kwak with his family for the 1989 Dutch book Goedemorgen (Good morning) that was written by Herman van Veen and designed by Harald Siepermann and Hans Bacher.