Harald Siepermann

Today it’s been 6 years since Harald Siepermann passed away at the age of 50 after a battle with cancer.

Harald is still dearly missed by family, friends and colleagues. Many people who worked with Harald described him as one of the greatest character designers and an incredible kind and humble human being. While Harald Siepermann left us with an immense legacy of wonderful artwork, his passing remains an incredible lost for the world of animation.

Harald Siepermann in his studio in Hamburg © The Harald Siepermann Archive

Harald Siepermann

Today it’s been 5 years ago that character designer Harald Siepermann passed away. He is still very much missed by friends, family, and former colleagues and students. During Harald Siepermann’s 30 years active career in the film industry he worked for big companies such as Walt Disney, Steven Spielberg’s Amblimation, DreamWorks and EA Games. His most famous creation is the design of the character Alfred J. Kwak. Through this website the Harald Siepermann Archive wants to share his beautiful artwork with the world and to give aspiring character designers and fans of animation an insight of Harald Siepermann’s work.

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