Visual development material for Treasure Planet

Whenever Harald Siepermann was assigned with a new project for Walt Disney Studios he would receive material to help him get familiar with the story, characters and art direction for the project. The same case was for Treasure Planet, for which Harald Siepermann received a binder that included story treatments from 1985, 1993 and 1998, descriptions of character, location, props, etc., visual development artwork, and transcripts from meetings that took place before Harald entered the project. Below are images of Harald’s visual development material for Treasure Planet:


Throughout the project Harald would have a meeting with the directors Ron Clements and John Musker on a weekly basis, to critique his work and assign new characters. In Harald’s case this usually took place on Friday’s at 18:30, a convenient time for both parties considering the time difference between California and Germany.

As always throughout Harald Siepermann’s career, also 1998 was a busy year for him. There was the Walt Disney project Treasure Planet, ongoing merchandise work for Alfred J. Kwak, and many other side projects. In addition, Harald Siepermann was also moving the summer with his family from his apartment in Essen to a new apartment in Hamburg. On this picture Harald is installed behind his working desk, and again with the wall fully pinned with clippings from famous faces as inspiration.

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