Captain Amelia from Treasure Planet (2)

Captain Amelia by Harald Siepermann

In continuation of the previous post about Captain Amelia, about working on the character Harald Siepermann commented, “If there’s one thing I wanted to avoid on this picture and it’s animal/aliens, it was ending up with humans with animal heads. Funny enough, it’s exactly what happened most of the time. Also in this case with Amelia, the captain. I tried many ways to incorporate the catlike attitude, I looked at Egyptian art and lots of other things but eventually she turned out to have a cat’s head on a human body.”

Below are more design by Harald Siepermann for the character Captain Amelia from Walt Disney’s Treasure Planet.


The final design for Captain Amelia was created by the Supervising Animator for the character Ken Duncan.

Amelia from Walt Disney’s Treasure Planet

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