Harald Siepermann

Today, on February 16, it has been 8 years since Harald Siepermann passed away. He died in 2013 after a battle with cancer at the age of 50. Thoughts go to Harald’s family, his friends and former colleagues.

Harald Siepermann in his early twenties

The picture above is from circa 1983, when Harald was in his early twenties. 1983 turned out to be a pinnacle year where he met Hans Bacher, a teacher at the Folkwang University, where Harald was a student Graphic Design. Hans Bacher became instrumental in developing Harald’s artistic talents and help channeling his career path.

In that same year Harald Siepermann met Dutch artist Herman van Veen. Siepermann was a big fan of the famous singer, and finally met his idol after one of his concerts on March 1, 1983. Van Veen had a children theater show called Alfred J. Kwak. In late 1985 Harald Siepermann and Hans Bacher started with the development of the comic book for the character. It brought a complete new dimension to Alfred J. Kwak and eventually became Harald’s most famous creation.

If Harald would still be alive today, no doubt that he would still continue with the adventures of Alfred J. Kwak.

Harald Siepermann and Alfred J. Kwak

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