AJK episode 36 Michael Duckson

With the start of the production Alfred J. Kwak in Tokyo, Japan, 52 episodes had been written by Dutch artist Herman van Veen. Throughout the production some changes were made, and multiple episodes were merged into one episode, or some were even cancelled. Therefore additional episodes had to be written throughout the production. One of these added stories was an episode called Michael Duckson, about the legendary pop star Michael Jackson.

In the episode Winnie Wana, Alfred’s girlfriend, is a big fan of Michael Duckson. So much, that she has little attention for Alfred. Stricken with jealousy, Alfred decides to combat the pop star, by learning to play classical music on the piano, with the hope to impress Winnie and regain her attention.


For the episode Harald Siepermann created new designs for the character Michael Duckson. When the designs were completed in late August 1989, Harald send them by fax to the studio in Tokyo, Japan, where the production of the series was organized. The episode eventually aired on December 4, 1989, on TV Tokyo / Channel 12 in Japan.

Below are Harald Siepermann’s designs for Michael Duckson:

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