In 2002 Harald Siepermann was asked to take over the still on and off existing Mecki comics from the German TV and Radio magazine Hörzu. The hedgehog character Mecki was since 1946 the mascot of the magazine Hörzu and appeared on a weekly basis as a comic in the magazine. The character became a success and it generated various merchandise throughout the years. Harald Siepermann’s childhood memories about the comic strip: “In the mid and early-sixties, when I was still too young to read, we would visit my grandparents every other Sunday afternoon. It was like a one and a half hour walk to their home in Bochum, a miner’s housing estate. There we would have coffee and cake, watch Bonanza and the sports-show and sometimes my grandfather would read the Mecki comic strips to me, one pagers from the TV and Radio magazine Hörzu.”

From 2002 Siepermann worked for almost a year on Mecki and created 23 comic pages for Hörzu. When the chief editor of the magazine was fired also the comic was discontinued.

Here are some of Harald’s designs for the character Mecki.

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