Late 1992 Harald Siepermann started the development of a television series called Wolik, about a little wolf with the same name that lives in the forest in Rusland and has many adventures with his friends. Initially the series was supposed to have 26 episodes, but eventually it was never produced. Harald Siepermann worked on the character design, stories and storyboard development. Despite the fact that the series was never produced, Harald Siepermann designed a great line-up of characters. Through this blog we’ll create a series of post to show Harald Siepermann’s work for Wolik. To start, here are some designs of the main character Wolik.

Alfred J. Kwak in Hollywood

On February 18, 1987, the first comic book about the adventures of the duck Alfred J. Kwak was released. The creative trio Harald Siepermann, Hans Bacher and Herman van Veen already discussed ideas for the second issue. However, this had to be put on hold since Harald Siepermann and Hans Bacher were asked to work in London on character design of the weasels for the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit. After their work on the weasels they were asked to come to Los Angeles to work on the storyboard of the “Escape from Toontown”-sequence. For several weeks Siepermann and Bacher worked in the Amblin studio designing the storyboard.

Between Harald’s work on the storyboard he often drew sketches of his creation Alfred J. Kwak in various shapes and poses. Here are some of the sketches he made while working in Los Angeles on Who Frames Roger Rabbit.

Harald Siepermann’s working desks

Throughout Harald’s career he lived and worked in various cities in Germany. Here are some pictures of his working desks throughout his career. As you might notice, although the workplaces may vary, the pinup wall with famous people always returned.


In 1991 Harald Siepermann worked on character design and storyboard for a German television cooking program Mahlzeit, that eventually was never produced. The idea was to combine animation and live action in the same vein as the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit, to attract a bigger audience than only people who are interested in a cooking program.

Harald Siepermann made character designs for a little cook called Bruno Mozzarelli and he created the first storyboard. Here are some illustrations of the character design.


In 2002 Harald Siepermann was asked to take over the still on and off existing Mecki comics from the German TV and Radio magazine Hörzu. The hedgehog character Mecki was since 1946 the mascot of the magazine Hörzu and appeared on a weekly basis as a comic in the magazine. The character became a success and it generated various merchandise throughout the years. Harald Siepermann’s childhood memories about the comic strip: “In the mid and early-sixties, when I was still too young to read, we would visit my grandparents every other Sunday afternoon. It was like a one and a half hour walk to their home in Bochum, a miner’s housing estate. There we would have coffee and cake, watch Bonanza and the sports-show and sometimes my grandfather would read the Mecki comic strips to me, one pagers from the TV and Radio magazine Hörzu.”

From 2002 Siepermann worked for almost a year on Mecki and created 23 comic pages for Hörzu. When the the chief editor of the magazine was fired also the comic was discontinued.

Here are some of Harald’s designs for the character Mecki.

Alfred J. Kwak comic book 31st anniversary

Today marks the 31st anniversary of the first comic book about the adventures of the duck Alfred J. Kwak. The first time Harald Siepermann officially drew Alfred J. Kwak was for the poster design of the German stage play in 1985 by Herman van Veen. At that time Alfred J. Kwak looked more like Donald Duck. In the next few years Harald Siepermann kept developing the character before he got his iconic look with his yellow fur and red scarf that appeared in the first comic book.

Harald Siepermann designed the comic book together with Hans Bacher, his friend and teacher from the Folkwang University. The story was based on the theater play by Dutch entertainer Herman van Veen, who invented the character Alfred J. Kwak. Siepermann designed the characters and drew them in numerous poses. Bacher placed Harald’s designs in a comic book layout, did the inking, and created the colors and backgrounds.

The launch party for the comic book was held on February 18, 1987, at the Artis zoo in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Portfolio early 1990’s

Harald Siepermann’s portfolio designs from the early 1990’s.

Portfolio 2000’s

Here are a series of Harald Siepermann’s square portfolio designs that he used later in his career. Through this blog we will discuss each of these subjects in more detail in various posts.